Everything You Need To Know About GramFree. Fake? Or Real?

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What is GramFree?

GramFree is a ‘get paid to’ website that rewards users with ‘grams’. On a ‘get paid to’, or GPT website, users are given an in-game currency in exchange for doing simple tasks.

On GramFree, you can earn Grams for doing the following things:

* Inviting new users to the website site.

*Entering a daily lottery.

*Signing smart contracts.

*Depositing money.

*Watching videos.

Like most GPT websites, GramFree generates money from selling you Grams and from ad revenue. But as a user, how does the website work?

In this post, I’ll cover how GramFree works, who owns the website and whether this is another Forsage-style cryptocurrency scam🤔. well let’s read down and see

When you register with GramFree.World you are taken to your home screen. A picture of this is below.

If you look at the options on the left, you’ll notice you can earn grams through a range of options – including smart contracts, the lottery, videos and referrals. Let’s go over each of those options now.

Smart Contracts
GramFree Smart Contracts are available for you to sign daily. If you choose to take a contract, you are given a timer that counts down. At the end of the timer, you must sign again. Each contract must be signed a certain number of times for you to receive payment.

GramFree has two types of Smart Contracts, including:

Standard Contract (worth 0.05 grams)
Risky Contract (worth 1.0 grams)
Standard contracts are only worth 0.05 grams, while risky contracts are worth 1.0 grams. They are called ‘risky’ as you will lose 2 grams if you do not ‘sign’ the contract whenever the timer goes off.

I know that’s confusing, so you can see a Smart Contract below.

This probably seems pretty bizarre, but smart contracts are an important part of GramFree.World. They don’t operate the same way normal cryptocurrency contracts do, but instead, they exist for one of two purposes:

To make you feel invested in the GramFree.World project.
To slowly gift you grams as a way to earn your love.
Have you heard of the sunk cost fallacy? In short, the fallacy explains that once we have started a project, we feel loyal towards it. If we get frustrated, we feel like all our hard work will go to waste if we quit.

Here’s a quote from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business professor Christopher Olivola.
That’s what GramFree’s smart contracts are for. They are designed to bring you back to the website daily until you crack and buy grams.

GramFree isn’t the only platform to use this tactic either. “ChArItY” ZoloUs (Scam Alert! notice here) also uses this tactic – giving users “Universal Basic Income” of 380 hydra daily.

Why does this work?

You need to withdraw your funds for the grams (or Hydra) you are given to have any value. It’s the equivalent of promising someone $1 fully aware you will never follow through. It’s a lie designed to draw you in, and nothing more.

That brings us to the GramFree lottery.

GramFree Lottery
The lottery is available to enter every 7 – 24 hours. Depending on your user status this will change. If you win the lottery, you have the chance to earn between 1 gram and 5,000 grams. You can see the lottery below.

But can you really win the GramFree lottery?

That’s a great question. While you are able to see the results of other lottery entrants on the website, the lottery is rigged against users. You will occasionally win small numbers of grams, but you will (very) likely never win more than that.

After testing the lottery myself, I was able to confirm that the chances of winning are very, very low – no matter how many tickets you buy.

Again, this is a common tactic of Get Paid To sites. We also saw it on the FOREX Naisos scam, where the platform promises users a 10% return daily in an effort to make users feel invested in the project.

Videos and Referrals
GramFree also rewards users for watching videos about the website. These videos are submitted by users and are designed to try and bring more people to the website.

The videos are all about GramFree – which is either a terribly lazy attempt at brainwashing or another appeal to the sunk cost fallacy.

Most videos will earn you 0.1 Grams for each watch, and 5.0 Grams for each submitted video. You can see some of the videos below!

You are also rewarded for bringing new members to the website. While the referral rewards change over time, you earn below 10 grams for each referral.

These referrals don’t always pay either, as you only earn Grams when the person you recruited reaches level 2.

While GramFree has been accused of Pyramid Scheme behaviour, the website does not currently use a Multi-Level Marketing structure.

What are Grams?
On GramFree’s website, you are given ‘grams’ as a form of currency. Users are told they can exchange grams for real money, but this barely true.

Let’s take a look at the REAL value of a gram.

While grams have an exchange value outside of the website, they are not a proper cryptocurrency until they have been fully developed. As of 2020, 1 gram is equal to 1.78USD, but the grams you earn on GramFree are worthless until you “cash-out”.

In order to withdraw the money you have earned, you need to makeover 500 grams. That means you would need to make the equivalent of $280 on Gramfree to be able to cash out.

But how easy is it to make 500 grams? Not very.

If you WERE to generate enough cash top ‘cashout’, it would take you over 60 days to make 500 grams doing the daily tasks. These daily tasks include:

Signing SMART contracts (you earn 0.5 GRAM per contract).
Recruiting other people (less than 10 grams per person)
Watching videos (0.1 gram per video).
Entering the daily lottery (an average of 1 gram per entry).
Many GramFree fans have tried to make money from new recruits by promising the website can make you rich. That’s a lie.

Get Paid To websites give people rewards for saying positive things about them online – so be careful when reading positive reviews of GramFree. It’s very likely the person who is telling you you will get rich will profit off of you.

While GramFree may sound appealing, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to make any money from this website – which has lead to many websites (like mine) assuming GramFree of operating a scam.

Every task on the website is designed to trick you into buying Grams.

If you do choose to buy grams, you cannot buy less than $1,000 at a time. Here’s proof of that.

Is GramFree A Scam?
GramFree is a scam because the platform promises users money they have no intention of providing. They use false advertising, tricks to get you to buy grams and cheat users into bringing other users into the scam.

Before we begin, I’d like to remind you of the definition of a scam. A scam is:
This website is a scam because…

You are told lies about what you are signing up for.
This website (and their users) promise you the chance to make money. That promise is not real. At most, you will make a few dollars for hours of your time, your data and your dignity. Although you will have made that money, you’ll never see any of it – as you’d need to earn 500 grams before you can withdraw any money.
The website tricks you into buying grams.
Both websites offer you three main ways to make money: SMART contracts, the lottery and watching videos.

All three of these activities are designed to keep you on the website for as long as possible. The longer you stay on the website, the more likely you are to fall into the ‘sunk cost fallacy’ and invest in grams.

The website also uses vague language to convince you the system is a new form of technology. You can see a great example below.

Again, the false advertising and outright lying about how much money you can make turn this from a regular (albeit scammy) Get Paid To website into a full-on scam.

GramFree markets themselves like a Pyramid Scheme.
The popularity of this website isn’t due to their success as a business but is instead due to their recruitment strategy. You can earn grams for every person you recruit and every post you make advertising the service. This brings more users in, doubling the amount of money and data GramFree has.
Who Owns GramFree?
Part of the suspicion surrounding comes from the anonymity of the website. No one is listed as the owner, and there is no public management team.

This is incredibly unusual for a startup, as part of the appeal of a startup company is their visionary founder.
To look into who owns this website, I went to their entry. The name of the person who registered this domain has been “redacted for privacy”. However, the entry does tell us a few interesting things.

This website was registered from Panama (through Namecheap LLC).
The website was only registered on the 27th of March 2020.
The website is hosted on the IP address, which is not the location of the website owner. The IP address is held by NameCheap LLC, as a quick search shows you hndreds of other websites hosted there.
There is also no sign of whoever owns this company on LinkedIn – meaning no one wants to own up to creating this website.

Many of The Snapping Point’s readers have asked us if Telegram created Gramfree.

Although this website uses Telegram Open Network (TON), it is not affiliated with telegram. TON is an open-source project, meaning ANYONE can create a platform using TON and Grams.

GramFree is NOT affiliated with telegram (as far as Telegram discloses).

How Does This Website Make Money?
GramFree presents itself as a charitable community with friendly graphics, vague language, and nice design. However, as we’ve seen on this blog with scams like TronChain, nice design does not equal nice company.

While you are making no money on their platform, the website makes plenty of money off you. Here’s how.

Selling grams to their users (at a minimum at $1,000 a user).
Charging you a withdrawal fee when you withdraw your grams.
Ad revenue, through visits to their website.
Of course, the website also has access to your data, so they could always make money from that too.

While there isn’t anything wrong with a company making money, companies that lie to their customers, trick them into purchases and engage in misleading advertising are scams.

Everything on GramFree is designed to do just that – trick you into believing that what you are seeing is legit.

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